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50 Failure

by Una Hearne. Some definitions: Non performance of something due, required or expected Subnormal quantity or quality (of crops for example) Non functioning (of machine for example) Unsuccessful person or thing. Ok, I can accept a human being can fail to do something. I can see a crop can fail and I get that a machine can fail to work. And I know there is a feeling of failure when something does not work out the way you planned - I've felt that! (Of course a feeling is a feeling, not a fact.) But the more I examine failure in relation ...


38 Getting help and advice

by Una Hearne. In a previous blog I wrote about how inappropriate giving unsolicited life advice is. I want to look at another aspect of advice in this blog. The times when we want and need advice. In particular, expert advice in an area we don't know about, or a second opinion in our own area. Our greatest resource besides ourselves is other people. Getting help along the way in work and in life is part of being human and can be anything from useful to essential. Additionally, one of the greatest pleasures ...