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by Una Hearne. It is a seriously bad idea to label yourself with a 'weakness' and then carry that as if it is who you really are. 'My problem is I always/ I never...' 'I am a terrible...' As if the way you think and behave is fixed in every situation and for life. The specific problem with viewing characteristics as strengths or weaknesses is this: every strength can be a weakness and every weakness can be a strength. It totally depends on the situation. For example you might be sensitive and see ...


27 Size doesn’t matter

by Una Hearne. Sometimes in coaching it's not about big dramatic external change like a change of career, moving country or starting the next multinational corporation. Sometimes a small internal shift can change your life. A change of perspective, a shift in beliefs, a re-direction of strategy. Clients often come to coaches saying they want to change career, to do something completely different, they are bored or fed up or never really wanted the career they have. Some do change to a completely different area, some change aspects of their career and some change nothing ...