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        by Una Hearne. Here's a universal law: What works for one person won't necessarily work for another. In all areas of life there is common sense stuff that works for most of us but- there are no absolutes and no guarantees. You are the world expert on you, nobody knows you like you do. You are the only person qualified to make life/ relationship/ work/ health choices for you. You're welcome/ I'm sorry! Beware of 'experts' selling you answers, especially when there is no science behind them. In the ME/CFS world there are plenty of ...


30 Your subconscious mind

by Una Hearne. In my last blog I wrote about having a vision to motivate you. I want to talk about another good reason to have a clear vision for yourself. (Note I tend to use the word vision - if you don't like this word or it doesn't resonate with you please substitute whichever of the following you prefer:  goal, dream, outcome, mission, objective, desire, aim, target, intention, destination.) Our subconscious or unconscious mind uses metaphors (symbols, pictures, concepts) to make sense of the world and to shape ...