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Happiness 17 Where happiness comes from

by Una Hearne. This is another tricky area in the manifesting of Visions (goals, dreams, plans, aims - whatever your having yourself). Happiness is far more about your internal world than external circumstances. If it was about external circumstances then everyone who has the things you think you need to be happy would be deliriously happy. Right? Yet they are often miserable. So the idea 'I'll be happy when I have - {insert desire here} - is a trap. But hang on Una, isn't that the whole reason we create Visions? To make ourselves happy? Yes ...


Happiness 9. What do you mean by success?

by Una Hearne. 'They have it all' What exactly do we mean by this? What constitutes 'it all'? They have the money? Lifestyle? Family? Friends? Such nonsense. No one can have it all. It is not possible for one person to own everything in the world. Or to have all the relationships in the world. It is not possible for one person to have every career or adventure that it is now possible to have. No one is superwoman/superman. (They are cartoons not role models) (Also the outfit wouldn't work for everyone). So please ...


Una’s little world 16. Celebrating

      by Una Hearne. For years I have been advocating the importance of celebration. Celebrating success certainly, but more importantly celebrating the action you take and the effort you put in to life. This builds real, lasting confidence. (See blog 10 Count a Victory for more on this.) Imagine my surprise when I discovered I wasn't practising what I preach? Yes - no surprise at all :-) Back in 2017 I was doing some counselling to help me come to terms with having a chronic illness (practising what I preach about getting the help ...


88 The biggest mistake in job hunting

by Una Hearne. So many clients, so many times I've heard 'I don't have time to figure out my Vision, I need a job NOW!!' People in terrible jobs, desperate to move on, people not working and panicking about getting any job. I totally understand this thinking - been there myself.  A few times. The problem with this thinking is it leads to slow progress and is very often unsuccessful. It seems counter intuitive, but putting the time and effort into identifying clearly what you actually want is a much faster and more successful way to get into ...


86 What doesn’t matter?

by Una Hearne. How much money you have. How many friends you have in reality, or on facebook. Failure. Success. Your qualifications or experience. Your children's achievements. What you look like. How nice your home or your car is. What other people think of you. How long it takes you to do anything. Whether you are in love and/or have a partner. Your holidays. Your work. The state of your health. How many obstacles your perceive and overcome. Your level of confidence and self belief. Whether you have a dream and whether it manifests. I could go on...   Are you arguing with me in your head? Have I upset you? Excellent, read ...


84 Can you have it all?

by Una Hearne. Well... NO! Sorry, but we have to stop this nonsense. Superwoman and Superman are cartoons not role models. The fact is, it is not possible for one person, certainly in the developed world, to avail of all the opportunities, to do and have everything potentially available to them. We have such a range of choice and opportunity now, we can study anything, set up our personal lives any way we want, have multiple careers, indulge in a huge variety of leisure interests, volunteer in any number of roles... It's fantastic and not ...


75 Who are you, now?

by Una Hearne. Who are you? Right now, today? This is a core question in personal development. The foundation of all coaching is who are you and what do you want? Self knowledge and awareness grounds you. To know who you are and what you stand for means that in turbulent times you can navigate your life with confidence. It means in the midst of chaos you can make the best choices for yourself. Everyone experiences times of success and times of turbulence. Those who know and love themselves fare better, they adapt more easily ...


by Una Hearne. So here I am sticking my neck out. Publicly. I am in business officially two years and my first business plan didn't work. I made very little money and had to borrow to keep going and try the next plan. I have invested over 200k in education and sacrificed earnings in the past 10 years at a rough guess. I've invested many thousands of hours in my learning, development and my work. I'm earning now but it's not quite sustainable yet. I could run out of money. This kind of financial uncertainty unnerves me ...


59 One way to build your confidence

by Una Hearne. You can build your own deep-seated, unshakeable, authentic confidence with a very simple daily practice:  Acknowledge everything brilliant you do, every success, every step, no matter how small. Simple! Well, if we could remember to do it, it would be! So this is a reminder. Please bear in mind I am not saying ignore mistakes or areas you can improve. This is good valuable stuff but becomes destructive if it is all you ever focus on, or even if you focus on the negative more than the positive. Human beings build on success - ...


50 Failure

by Una Hearne. Some definitions: Non performance of something due, required or expected Subnormal quantity or quality (of crops for example) Non functioning (of machine for example) Unsuccessful person or thing. Ok, I can accept a human being can fail to do something. I can see a crop can fail and I get that a machine can fail to work. And I know there is a feeling of failure when something does not work out the way you planned - I've felt that! (Of course a feeling is a feeling, not a fact.) But the more I examine failure in relation ...


by Una Hearne. The immediate results of any one action are usually fairly predictable. Think of putting your glass back on the table after drinking, usually this results in the glass being on the table. It generally doesn't leap off the table or turn into a cow. However, even a little complexity very quickly makes results unpredictable. For example, if I drive to the next town, which route will be quicker? This depends on the traffic, traffic lights, other people's driving and many other things not in my control. I have to take ...


by Una Hearne. Easy! When you have reached your goal. You got the job / went on holiday / got promoted / have a successful business or whatever. Right? Well. Maybe. And then again, maybe not. It depends on what you personally mean by success. We have all sorts of notions of what success means - money, houses, cars, lifestyle, achievements, awards and accolades, the lovers, the family, the friends - all that nice stuff. The feeling of being successful of course comes from inside you. It is the meaning that you personally attach to the stuff ...