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68 Kissing Frogs

by Una Hearne. When you set out to do something new in life - to find and start a new job, set up a business, move to a new place, find new friends - you will be meeting new people and trying to connect. You will experience rejection along the way. Quite naturally, this is a difficult thing for us to handle. The two most basic drivers for human beings are - two sides of the same coin - 1) Desire for acceptance and 2) Fear rejection. It is easy to understand why it is ...


67 Coaching – Why now?

by Una Hearne. There's no denying our lives are getting more complex. This is what happens as societies develop, and technology has increased the pace of change for us to a rate, I for one, can't quite keep up with. We have more choice and opportunity than ever before. We can study anything we like, at any time of our lives. We can have multiple careers, live or travel in different countries, set up new types of business, organise our personal lives in any way we want, have a multitude of pursuits and interests and ...