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        by Una Hearne. Here's a universal law: What works for one person won't necessarily work for another. In all areas of life there is common sense stuff that works for most of us but- there are no absolutes and no guarantees. You are the world expert on you, nobody knows you like you do. You are the only person qualified to make life/ relationship/ work/ health choices for you. You're welcome/ I'm sorry! Beware of 'experts' selling you answers, especially when there is no science behind them. In the ME/CFS world there are plenty of ...


47 Confidence

by Una Hearne. This is one of the most common issues clients bring to me. For some it is the main issue, for some a side issue and for others - those who see it as a weakness - it is often a hidden issue. All of my clients gain confidence, it is a natural by-product of the coaching process, even when it isn't the focus. I've noticed a few things about confidence over the years and, as usual, I offer my thoughts to stimulate your own. Most people who lack confidence feel they are ...


40 The wisdom of delegation

by Una Hearne. You are your life manager. It is your responsibility to look after yourself in life and work. You can offer the best of you to the world if you look after yourself properly and make the most of your time. Don't worry you won't get it perfect, you are human. One of the most useful skills you can develop for yourself is the art of delegation. It is essential in order to use your time and energy effectively. You delegate by default all the time. Surprised? Think about it, most of us ...