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68 Kissing Frogs

by Una Hearne. When you set out to do something new in life - to find and start a new job, set up a business, move to a new place, find new friends - you will be meeting new people and trying to connect. You will experience rejection along the way. Quite naturally, this is a difficult thing for us to handle. The two most basic drivers for human beings are - two sides of the same coin - 1) Desire for acceptance and 2) Fear rejection. It is easy to understand why it is ...


54 How our brains work!

by Una Hearne. How does any human being make anything happen? How do you get to work in the morning? How do people get married and have children? How do you operate your mobile phone? How did you eat your last meal? How do you put your socks on? How do you figure out what you want to do with your life? Believe it or not the unconscious process by which you make anything happen works in the same way for every one of these things: You decide what you want You plan how you will make it happen You ...


48 Internships – sink or swim?

by Una Hearne. Interning should be a part of the structure of the world of work. It goes without saying that it should be ethical, worthwhile for everyone involved and fair. It is a risk for a company to take on a permanent employee because if it doesn't work out it costs the company a lot of money. A certain amount of risk is inevitable in any business but too much risk, especially in the high cost area of people, can push a company out of business. And that's not generally good for ...


44 Job security

by Una Hearne. We say 'contracting' and 'permanent job' meaning different things. But a permanent job these days is something we see lasting maybe 3 - 7 years. Most people don't set out looking for a job for life. So aren't permanent jobs and contracts becoming very similar? The only obvious difference is maybe benefits, holiday and sick pay, pension etc. And this is why contractors/consultants are supposed to charge higher daily rates, as they have to provide for all of these for themselves. All things considered it seems a smart approach to work ...


36 Study what you love

by Una Hearne. When choosing what to study, or helping our kids to choose, we often ask the wrong question:  ‘What should I/you study to guarantee a secure well paid job?’ Please stop asking this. The answer to this genuinely is, nobody knows for sure. It may have been a valid question in the past in the sense that it might have led you into a secure job. However it has also always been true that if you ended up working in something you hated, or grew to hate, you either quit or ...


20 I hate networking!

by Una Hearne. Really? I don't think anyone actually hates networking. Controversial! I think the fact that most people say they hate it comes from a misunderstanding about what networking is. Most of us agree that networking is a key part of most aspects of work, from getting a job or starting a business, to gaining promotion or new clients. But what do we really mean by networking? The truth is networking events have their place, it is a way to meet new people in an appropriate environment but they are not where most networking happens. ...