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What My Clients Say

I have used Una’s coaching service whilst trying to make a career transition to a new industry. Una has not only helped me figure out what was best for my career but has also aided my personal development which I have found to be really enlightening. I have found Una to be positive and encouraging coach when I was going through quite a stressful time transitioning to a new industry and trying to re-locate to a different part of Ireland. She also has a special knack of seeing the person behind the fear and trepidation, guiding them through this difficult period and really bringing out their true career path. I could not recommend Una enough for her dedication and commitment to her clients and her genuine joy when they start to make efforts to really find their path to fulfilling, purposeful lives.

Oonagh, Marketing Executive


Una’s positivity and energy opened me up to believing whatever I wanted for my life was achievable. My initial nervous and apprehensive thoughts about changing career quickly turned to feelings of excitement and exhilaration. She gave me the courage to trust in myself that I was making the right decisions and to back myself all the way through my life changing journey.

Catriona, Associate, Engineering Consultancy, Dublin


So glad I plugged away last year and wrote my journal article and pursued my interests even though my confidence was shot to pieces. Thank you so much for all your support during my annus horribulus (!!). It made such a difference having your support during an extremely difficult time of confusion and uncertainty and lack of self-belief.

Shirley, Associate Professor in a U.S. University


For anyone out there thinking about personal one-to-one coaching with Una, I would say go for it without hesitation. It will be the best investment in yourself you will make – full stop. I was very sceptical starting out, but I need not have been. Una walked me through a very clear process during five phone sessions of circa 1.5 hours each. You get those ‘light bulb’ insight moments from the outset. Initially ‘intake’ questions highlighted my reasons for wanting coaching. I then worked on my values which really highlighted what is important in my work/life situation. Them we worked on all the great things about ‘me’. Yes, there were a lot more than I would have thought. Finally we worked through a Vision statement for my work/life. The vision for me, distils everything we unearthed on the coaching path. I mean unearthed becuase Una uses smart questioning to by-pass your thinking mind and get to your sub-conscious. This is where the real you knows what it needs, not what it thinks it needs. I have gained insights into my true motivations and needs both personally and professionally. I now also have a short written Vision statement or roadmap on how I want to live my work/life going forward. I keep it with me and will refer to it regularly to see if I am living according to what I know is true for me. Go for it people!

Derek, Company Director


I continue to do coaching with Una and every time I feel a lot clearer and more confident. Una always makes me feel completely at ease, is not judgemental no matter what the situation and has a wonderful ability to help solve an issue and deal with the underlying reason. She has helped me gain clarity, confidence and take control of situations. I feel much happier and stronger since undertaking my coaching with Una. She really listens and cares and it comes across so much in working with her. I genuinely am so grateful to her for having such a positive impact on helping me define myself personally and my career.

Michele, Marketing Director, Dublin.


Thanks for all your help. It was the best money I’ve spent in years. I really feel it helped me put my life in perspective and helped me focus on who I am and reminded me what makes me happy and to do what I enjoy rather than chasing the money.

Nicola, Wexford


I contacted Una when I need to take a change in direction in my career. She helped me build up my confidence. Showing me how to look at things in a different way and to realise what I have accomplished over the years. She always gave very positive feedback.

The process was very helpful and that there is always another door open to get to where you want, and that it was up to me to go ahead and find the way forward. And failure is not a bad thing, and how to learn from it in a constructive and positive way.

JM, Dublin Nov 2015


Una allayed my fears about Life Coaching, and how the process works. She is reassuring and supportive. She allowed me to explore in a safe environment, and provided me with encouragement, and ultimately has helped restore my confidence and faith in my own ability. Working with her has helped me to highlight areas that are important to me, and helped me to see how this can be built into my life. Work/life balance is often talked about but this process has helped me to see it from a different perspective and work towards making it a reality.

Ilona, Project Manager


I found the experience of working with Una very insightful – she possesses a really unique ability to see one’s true personality and ability. I was seeking to change my career path and was really at a cross road. Una has helped me gain a new vision for where I want to go. She has also helped me believe in my ability to pursue that dream.
She provided me with the skills to be able to plan what it is that I actually want to do and believe in myself. I found her to be intuitive, genuine and extremely knowledgeable in this field. Her knowledge is exemplary which ties in with her love of her work. She has an incredible ability to dig deep and seek out what one truly desires. I would highly recommend Una. If you need direction and that push: call Una.

JS, Dublin


I attended the 3 day Designing Your Future course. I had been made redundant and had never felt so directionless in my life, not knowing what I wanted to do and only understanding that I didn’t want to go back into catering.
Once we parked the negativity bus and began to understand what our driving factors were in life things became a lot clearer and we all soon developed a plan for what our future should resemble. It’s hard to briefly note what changes have been evident but in a nutshell I now have a life plan and a final destination towards which I work every day, there are many things to tick off along the way and by no means does this list get shorter daily as it is constantly evolving.
My friends ask me what I gained from life coaching and when I use the two words that describe it best for me it’s hard for them to comprehend as I don’t have the flashy cars or big house but to be perfectly honest it was ‘life changing’ as my life is now moving in a direction I had never believed possible.

Patrick Meehan, future B&B owner in France


When I first met with Una a few months ago something clicked. From the very start, she totally ‘got’ where I was coming from. I felt very comfortable with her, so much so that I found myself trusting her enough to open up completely and be truly myself. Una is accepting, non-judgemental, funny and very professional. I looked forward to our meetings and at the end of every session I drove home feeling energized, empowered and excited about life. I had done a lot of work on my own personal development before I went to Una, but I felt I needed that final push to take action. As a result of my sessions with her I have taken action. It was money well spent.

Sandra Norgrove, Admissions Officer


I went to Una’s Designing Your Future course and found this initial experience very enlightening and thought provoking. I subsequently decided to work with Una on a one to one basis over the last six months and during this period I was literally amazed at the rebuilding of my confidence and the organisation of a realistic career strategy going forward. There is an old saying that you have to ‘speculate to accumulate’ and I believe that investing in yourself by partnering with Una Hearne is one of the shrewdest decisions you could make. Working with someone as positive and energetic as she is, is infectious and this helps you quickly reset your mindset to focus on the task at hand. Whether you want to improve your advancement prospects or you are a job seeker, it is a major advantage to have Una in your corner to help get not only ‘a job’ but the ‘right job’.

Eamonn Proudfoot, Telecommunications Engineer, Dublin


Una is an expert in her field and has a natural ability to instil confidence in others. She is both creative and highly organised and I would strongly recommend Una to anyone considering her Designing Your Future course or a private consultation.

Gerard Skehan, Trust and Safety Investigator at Airbnb


I thoroughly enjoyed my life coaching experience with Una over the last couple of months. It was a very empowering process with pleasant surprises along the way. Exploring my values was one of the most interesting and key parts of my experience. I discovered that I was in fact chasing a work-life balance as opposed to my initial belief that I may be seeking a new career. Through goal setting and taking action in the right direction, I now genuinely feel that my life has become more balanced and I am living the life I want to live instead of the one I thought I should live. Una was a wonderful facilitator and guide through this process. She is motivating, intelligent, intuitive and witty and has the beautiful gift of capturing the true essence of the person.

Geraldine, Academic Administrative Manager


I have recently completed six coaching sessions with Una. I had been thinking about a career change for some time and needed help to clarify exactly where I needed to be. From the start Una demonstrated a professional and understanding approach to coaching and my needs. Una brings a subtlety and delicate technique to coaching which allowed me to think things through for myself ensuring I made my own decisions about my career change.

Una’s knowledge and experience of people’s perceptions on life and their careers brought clarity to my thoughts and opinions on my past and new career direction. There was much emphasis put on reflection of my career to date and how I arrived at this place. I believe this was very effective over the six sessions in bringing me to the realisation of exactly where I want to go. I have no hesitation in recommending Una to anybody considering a career change.

Brian Cleere, Director, Fahy Fitzpatrick, Consulting Engineers, Dublin


At a time when I was retiring as hands-on CEO of my third successful business venture, I had the opportunity to be coached by Una. My goal was to acquire three Non-Exec Directorship roles. Una helped me to sharpen my approach, enhance my preparation and my performance for key interviews and meetings. This gave me an edge which was influential in my successfully achieving my goal. And although I am an experienced networker, Una also helped me to generate more ideas and options for myself in this area. What really worked for me was Una’s professional approach, ensuring I established clear goals and actions and committed to taking those actions. I’d recommend working with Una wholeheartedly if you want to enhance your performance and success.

Kelvin Harrison, Chairman, Maxima


Una helped me to see beyond what I perceived to be barriers by helping me uncover negative beliefs. I found this to be a truly worthwhile exercise, enabling me to set far more ambitious goals than I would have. I gained a solid belief that I could work towards making positive changes in my life. I found her ability to free my thinking particularly effective, freeing me from the constraints I had imposed on myself.

After the first few sessions I began to hear myself speak more positively about the goals Una facilitated me in setting for myself. Each session followed a clear path and I felt my confidence grow as time went on. Una was very good at steering me to talk about subjects I had initially raised but then tried to avoid.

I never felt there was a wrong answer to Una’s questions and she always praised my achievements, no matter how big or small. I also liked the fact that there was no imposed time pressure, I set my goals in timelines reasonable to my circumstances. As a result of twelve sessions with Una I have already achieved two significant goals and continue to work towards the achievement of others.

Max Benedict, Assistant Manager, Bank


I was very comfortable with Una and as a result made significant progress in many areas of life over the past 6 months. Una excelled at listening, reflecting back and challenging my beliefs skillfully and empathically. I worked through many issues, re-focusing and gaining clarity on important situations, utilising my time better, building confidence and challenging negative mind chatter.

Paul Walker, Coach and Addiction Counsellor, NHS, UK


The main impact of coaching with Una has been opening up my thinking. Una challenged me in a positive and supportive way to explore issues more widely. She offered different tools and techniques as different issues came up and always provided positive feedback and reinforced my progress, even when I hadn’t achieved what I had set myself to do. I realised I wasn’t giving myself credit for the things I was doing and was sometimes devaluing what I did. Her active listening skills made a significant impact as she referred to things I had said previously, providing real insight for me.

Mary Doyle, Midwifery Practice Development Co-ordinator, HSE, Limerick


I felt that Una totally ‘got me’ from the word go. Her professionalism and sense of fun made me feel totally safe and nurtured, enabling me to open up very quickly and discuss things that I’m often not comfortable talking about. She reflected back so clearly and with such empathy that I really felt understood. Una helped me very quickly to start identifying solutions to my problems and actions that I could take. At the end of the session I felt so much lighter, energised and really happy about my next steps. My only regret is that I had so little time to work with her, but several months on I am still reaping the benefits of our coaching session.

Jane Drapkin, Coach, UK