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83 There’s nothing wrong with money

graphic-2by Una Hearne.

Our beliefs about money and ourselves are reflected in the state of our finances. Our abilities to earn, spend and save. (Oh no!!!) A large part of our belief system comes from the family and culture we were brought up in. We will often follow patterns that we have experienced around us (or rebel and do the opposite).

For example, if you believe rich people are inherently bad or horrible people, you will subconsciously prevent yourself from becoming one of them. On the other hand, if you believe poor people are lazy and freeloaders, ditto, you will prevent yourself from joining their gang. If you believe money is easy to come by and provides security – you are likely to always earn more than you need. If you believe you don’t deserve wealth, or that it only happens to other people, you are likely either to not earn much or spend it all as soon as you have it.

Oprah is my hero when it comes to attitude to wealth. She was very poor as a child and has never taken money for granted. She is a perfect example of the notion of ‘stewardship’ – the ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources (Wikipedia). She understands money to be abundant and a resource which can create enormous good in the world. She has a nice lifestyle and looks after herself – so that she has the best of herself to give to the world. And she also puts her money to work in the world, she invests in education among other things and has a truly influential and positive impact in the world. She gives far more than money of course in what she has contributed to the world of herself, but in terms of using wealth she is a very good example to be studied.

Money has no intrinsic value. It is a symbol of an exchange of value between human beings. And it’s a funny thing, when the intention behind how we use money in the world is positive and for the greater good, good things happen. When the intention is negative or fear based the consequences can be bad for everyone.

Money can give us choices and opportunities. It can allow us to do great good in the world. A healthy relationship with money supports the best in us and allows us to give the best of ourselves to the world. It isn’t the root of all evil nor is it the answer to all our problems. It is a resource that we can learn to use wisely.



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