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Una’s little world 1. When your life derails…

by Una Hearne.

You know when the train of your life derails and you are picking your way through the wreckage, trying to figure out what happens next? Welcome to Una’s little world 2018!

I started Una’s Little World blog in February 2015 to share the story of turning Visions (goals/ dreams/ plans) into reality, using examples from my own life. It has only been available to email subscribers up till now, but I’m making it my main blog this year so it will be available publicly as well.

It has been great sharing successful visions. But what about when things go wrong? Should I share those stories too? I think, yes, I should. I have gained more insight and help from hearing how others have experienced and dealt with adversity, than you could shake a large stick at. So I’m going to continue Una’s little world by sharing the big spanner life has thrown in the works of my life. I am very fond of saying that obstacles are in fact stepping stones, let’s see how I reconcile this one over time!

The spanner is ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalitis/ Chronic Fatigue). This is an illness I have had since I was 16 (that’s 36 years if you’re counting!). Most of that time I was able to work full time by sleeping weekends and minimising other activities. However at the end of 2015 my energy declined dramatically, and two years later it is no better. You’ll know, if you’ve been following this blog, that I spent 2016 buying a new home and moving. The move obviously took a lot of energy and I was hoping to compensate by pulling right back in work. I stopped doing talks and courses (and I miss these like breathing!) and all other work apart from one-to-one clients and my blog. In 2017 I hoped that a few months good rest would make the difference. As the year progressed it became clear I was in a proper ME/CFS relapse and the reality is it will probably take years not months to recover. So all the big plans and Visions, including producing my Designing Your Future programme online, are on hold. Not gone, just on hold. 🙂

I am still taking a small number of one to one clients and as you can see I am still writing blogs. I couldn’t bear to give up completely, my work is the joy in my life.

Now, before you get completely turned off I want to assure you that my blogs this year will not be a big moan about ME/CFS. I mean … YAWN!! No, I’ll be writing about the big life lessons I am learning or re-learning as a consequence of being derailed. These are the big ones we all face in all sorts of different areas so you won’t need to be ill to relate. I’ll be writing about things we all have to get our heads around at different times: Accepting the unacceptable; Setting boundaries with other people; Gratitude; Living with uncertainty; Re-writing Visions and goals.. and lots of other good stuff .

As usual, I am not setting myself up as any kind of authority on these subjects. I’ll be sharing my thoughts and how I am handling things as an ordinary person. My intention is to provoke your thinking about your own life and I hope what I write will be interesting and useful to you.

Thank you for reading and I’ll be back next month with Accepting the Unacceptable. 🙂


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