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Una’s little world 16. Celebrating




by Una Hearne.

For years I have been advocating the importance of celebration. Celebrating success certainly, but more importantly celebrating the action you take and the effort you put in to life. This builds real, lasting confidence. (See blog 10 Count a Victory for more on this.) Imagine my surprise when I discovered I wasn’t practising what I preach? Yes – no surprise at all 🙂

Back in 2017 I was doing some counselling to help me come to terms with having a chronic illness (practising what I preach about getting the help we need, score 1 for me on that!) One day I was talking about a bad spell where I was pasted to the couch for days. I was talking about the feelings of disappointment and frustration when I can’t get anything done, not a shower, not a walk, not even clean the dishes – and getting a bit of writing done is a distant dream. So many days passing, so much time wasted and some days it just gets to me.

My counsellor asked me a brilliant question: “Instead of being upset about what you can’t do, could you see that you made it through a bad day, and be proud of yourself for that?” O. M. actual G. Getting through the damn day… heroic! The bulb lit. Well of course I’m proud of myself when I see it that way! Like many of you, I was always able to see other people dealing with challenges as heroic. Doh! Me too!

I was doing the opposite of what I teach. (Human! Me? Who knew?!) Focusing on what I couldn’t do and what was wrong about that, instead of noticing I was actually doing the best thing for my health – resting – and celebrating myself for that.

Can you see how this applies to you? Whatever your situation or challenges in life? If you are doing the best for you, even if it’s just getting through the damn day, you are a Hero. Every. Day.

  • Just breathing in and out was the best you could do today? Celebrate! High feicin fives!
  • You didn’t smack your colleague for being an asshole? Celebrate! We applaud your restraint!
  • You still love your kids in spite of being on your last nerve and not having slept in five years? Celebrate! Who’s the best parent?
  • You got through a conversation with your phone company and didn’t lose your sh*t? Celebrate! And please tell the rest of us your secret… 🙂

Having a chronic illness is the same as any difficult situation in life, a large part of your quality of life depends on how you personally handle it. Starting and ending with compassion and kindness for yourself.

You did your best today? Cel – le – brate good times, C’mon… (you are so lucky you can’t hear me right now!)



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