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Una’s little world 36. Rules for life, not just for Christmas

by Una Hearne.


  • Love yourself unconditionally – you are fabulous.


  • Trust your inner wisdom. You always know what is best for you.


  • You, as an individual, and the society you live in are equally important to your quality of life. Balance your choices accordingly.


  • Treasure the people you love. Including yourself.


  • Listen well and speak your truth.


  • Be kind to everyone. Especially yourself.


  • Forgive everyone – for everything. Especially yourself.


  • Look for the gifts in every experience, especially bad experiences.


  • Appreciate everything you have. You have a lot.


  • Keep your environment clean and healthy.


  • Spend less energy than you have.


  • Spend less money than you earn.


  • There are limits in life of course, but they are much further out than you think. Think again.


  • Explore your creativity. Imagination is what sets humans apart.


  • Do what makes you happy and laugh as often as possible.


  • Learn everything you want to.


  • Be more YOU everyday.



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