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by Una Hearne.

7.8 billion and rising. That’s a lot of people – and still you are unique. There never was and never will be another you.

Each and every person brings unique gifts to the world. Many gifts. They might be things you do, talents you share or simply who you are as a person – the energy you bring.

Whatever gifts you bring, your job in life is to be the best and wildest expression of your unique spirit. This is your work of art. You know when you are doing it because it FEELS good and right. Language is a bit limited in describing this but many people call this feeling being ‘in flow’; feeling really alive; being the most you you’ve ever felt; or totally happy and content. If you have never felt this kind of feeling, change what you are doing. You don’t want to shortchange yourself or miss your own life entirely.

When you learn to make art, you learn a few things which are useful in creating a life:

  • You need some idea where you’re going with it. Either a clear image of what you want to create or just the idea/choice to let it unfold as it will.
  • You need a light touch, over working or worrying spoils art. And be open to happy accidents and surprises you couldn’t have imagined.
  • Creating art feels wonderful, that feeling of being fully absorbed by something and wanting to do it for the sheer enjoyment of it. What, in your life, makes you feel like that? Hanging out with your tribe? Something you do? Just being?
  • What makes your art special is YOU. No one else can create what you can create or affect people the way you do.

Being true to your art: If an artist, writer or musician produces work to please or impress other people, their work can quickly become banal. Their light dimmed.  The same is true of living your life to please or impress others. You have the potential to shine as brightly as you want, doing what is right for you, following your heart. Please do. The world needs your light.

It is not necessary for the circumstances of your life to be a certain way to allow you to shine. If we wait until conditions are perfect to create anything, we’d never get started. We choose to shine or not, here and now – no matter what our circumstances.

Finally, while it’s nice if your art is appreciated, it’s not important. The important thing is to live your life so that when you look back at the end you are proud of who you are and how you lived. Knowing you did it your way. 🙂


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