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I present workshops on a variety of personal development topics. Each workshop consists of a presentation, a related group coaching workshop and a facilitated discussion/comments/questions section.

The group coaching workshop* allows attendees to apply the information gained to their own lives ensuring the learning and development is maximised for each person.

List of workshops and outlines to be inserted here by Una.

This is where a facilitating coach asks a series of coaching questions and each participant notes their answer for themselves. This information is not shared, however participants are encouraged to contribute comments and questions to enhance the learning for the whole group.

I have presented many workshops for various organisations: The Innovation Enterprise Network; The LEO Women’s Networks in Dublin City and Dun Laoghaire; Junior Chamber (Ireland)


Jim Nolan, IE Network Manager says:

The IE Network first used the services of Una Hearne in September 2011 and form that time we have built a great professional relationship. Una’s style of delivery and understanding of what our clients require is fantastic, so much so that in November 2011 we piloted her “Designing Your Future” (DYF) course, a course which she designed and delivered in an expert and professional manner.

The DYF was such an overwhelming success that Una has now delivered to the IE Network 9 times and the feedback has always been positive and the clients left with a more positive and can do attitude. Una achieves this by letting those in attendance feel safe and secure with no pressure on them to open up and discuss items if they do not wish to. But this in essence provides the perfect environment for people to share, help and create and open up to new ways of thinking and viewing themselves and those around them. It is really empowering.

Una has also delivered one off seminars and workshops for the IE Network over the past 4 years in our 4 venues in Dun Laoghaire, South Dublin, Fingal and the City Centre. Again people leave these seminars feeling empowered and wanting to change.

Una Hearne has a unique delivery style and understands her clients’ needs, and translates that into delivering successful workshops, seminars and courses again and again.

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