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73 You are responsible for the energy you bring

graphic-1by Una Hearne.

In Jill Bolte Taylor’s book My Stroke of Insight she talks about the importance of being aware of the energy you bring to patients in hospital.

“I realised the some people brought me energy while others took it away. One nurse was very attentive to my needs: Was I warm enough? Did I need water? Was I in pain? Naturally, I felt safe in her care. She made eye contact and was clearly providing me with a healing space. A different nurse, who never made eye contact… This woman brought me a tray with milk and jello, but neglected to realize that my hands and fingers could not open the containers. … She raised her voice when she spoke to me, not realizing I wasn’t deaf. … her lack of willingness to connect with me scared me. I did not feel safe in her care.”

Oprah and Maya Angelou have frequently talked about this concept – not just in hospitals but of being responsible for the energy you bring in every situation, every day.

How we are, our mood, energy, feelings, is experienced by everyone we come into contact with, however brief the contact. We affect each other whether we are aware of it or not. When we are in great form we are more likely to smile and interact positively, making other people feel better. Moods spread like an invisible fog around people. If we are angry, tired or insecure we can be hostile and aggressive towards others and make their day a little worse.

Bringing positive, compassionate energy with you more often than negative hostile energy makes the world a better place for everyone. And just in case the idea of making life a little better for everyone else is not enough to convince you to be aware of your state, consider this: the energy we send out to the world though our thoughts, words and actions is reflected back to us by others. If you want to experience more happiness and peace in your life – give it out in abundance. Don’t take my word for this – try it out for yourself.

This is not about pretending to be happy or putting on any kind of mask. We are not meant to be happy or positive all the time. This is simply about increasing the number of positive thoughts you have and allowing yourself to become happier and more positive than negative overall. More positive habitual thinking means more positive words and actions and a more positive experience of life.

You create positive energy and thoughts in yourself by looking after yourself properly. By putting your wellbeing top of your list, nurturing and fulfilling yourself. This gives you the ability to bring the best of yourself to the world. Self care needs to be our number one priority in our lives.


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